About Us

Little Red Riding Hood, Inc. is a daycare center located on Chicago's Northwest side. We opened our doors in 2008 and have been proud to serve our community ever since.

We serve children from ages 2 through 6. Our center offers three spacious classrooms stocked with plenty of toys and educational materials and painted and furnished with bright, cheerful colors that instantly captivate the imaginations of our children. In addition, we have a large, enclosed outdoor play area complete with many slides and climbing areas that we use every single day, weather permitting. We also have a fully-stocked kitchen where we personally prepare every single meal enjoyed by the children of Little Red Riding Hood, Inc. You may find pictures of our center located throughout the other tabs of this website but please do not hesitate to contact us in order to arrange a visit!

The classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, or "Czerwony Kapturek" as it is known in Polish, tells of a little girl who sets off through the woods to visit her grandmother but is met along the way by a mischievous wolf. The wolf succeeds in learning where the young girl's grandmother lives and is able to arrive there first, devouring the poor grandmother and planning a similar fate for Little Red Riding Hood. Fortunately, a brave hunter intervenes just in time and is able to save both Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.

We take this story as the inspiration for our daycare because, much as Little Red Riding Hood was fooled and almost eaten by the wolf because she was travelling alone, our children need our help and guidance in order to thrive as they grow up in the world.

Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that all children are unique, with individual potentials and gifts which must be discovered and nurtured to fruition. We believe that every child has their own time-clock for development, and that the only person they need to be better than is who they were yesterday. Our teachers work hard to determine what each child knows and what they are capable of. Then we create an individualized program especially designed to build upon that knowledge, and to enhance not only the quality of learning, but the love of learning as well.